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Version 16
(DB/TextWorks Support Matrix)
(Install and upgrade instructions for DB/TextWorks 16)

(DB/Text WebPublisher PRO Support Matrix)
(Install and upgrade instructions for DB/Text WebPublisher PRO 16)

DB/TextWorks v16, DB/TextWorks for SQL v.16, and WebPublisher PRO v.16 were available for general release around July 17, 2017.
If you were a current maintenance customer at that time you should have received an email for each license regarding your download(s).

IMPORTANT! Textbases created using version 15.0 or later or upgraded to version 15.0 or later are not compatible with any Inmagic product prior to version 15.0. You will need to upgrade DB/Text WebPublisher, DB/Text PowerPack, DB/SearchWorks Run-time, and so on to version 15.0 or later before you will be able to use them with a version 15.0 or later textbase. When you open an existing textbase with DB/TextWorks version 15.0 or later, you will be prompted to upgrade the textbase. If you upgrade the textbase, you will not be able to access the textbase with any Inmagic product prior to version 15.0.

DB/TextWorks v16 (Classic and SQL) and WebPublisher PRO v16 features include:


When specifying sort fields, you now have the option to sort empties last. Before, records where the sort field was empty could only be listed first or omitted. Since this option does not change the perceived number of records in the report, it is also available for the textbase Default Sort Order and for WebPublisher reports.

Adding/Editing Records

When editing a Link field, a new type of box permits you to browse the values in a field other than the Link field, making it easier to select the record you want to link to. For example, you can display the list of Borrower Names, and clicking a name will paste that user’s employee ID into the Link field box.

Select All

This keyboard shortcut now behaves as it does in nearly every other product. You can use it to select all the text in a box, all the boxes on a form or screen, all the text in the Command Query window, or all the annotations on an image. In previous releases, Ctrl+A was used for Redo. Redo now uses Ctrl+Y.

Edit Textbase Structure

The Edit Fields dialog box has two new features:
Sort Field List by – This feature permits you to sort the Field List by Field Name, or by Field Type.
Hide Fields – This option permits you to hide the items so they do not clutter up the display.
Note: Both are display-only features to make it easier to find and work with the fields you want to modify. Neither affects the actual field order specified in the structure.


WebPublisher reports can now easily link from a small image on a web page (a thumbnail) to the full size image. The new option is on the HTML tab of the Picture Box Properties dialog box in DB/TextWorks Form Designer.

Browse Choices

In WebPublisher PRO the Browse Choices buttons have been optimized; for example, we’ve added an "Add & Close" button so that users no longer need to click "Add" then "Close".

Feature List for all versions

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