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ActiveX and Java: the next virus carriers? / Chen, Eve.

American Libraries -- Chicago: American Library Association,

Analysis of freeway accident detection / Corby, Marion J.; Saccomanno, F. Frank. / Univ. of Waterloo. Dept. of Civil Engineering. -- Washington DC: Transportation Research Board, 1997.

Are your lights on? How to figure out what the problem really is / Gause, Donald C., 1943-; Weinberg, Gerald M., 1943-

Association between cellular telephone calls and motor vehicle collisions / Redelmeier, Donald A.; Tibshirani, Robert J. / Univ.of Toronto. Dept. of Medicine. -- Boston MA: 1997.

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The biology of learning : report of the Dahlem Workshop on the Biology of Learning, Berlin, 1998 October 23-28 -- Berlin ; New York: Springer-Verlag, 1999.

Boston Globe -- Boston:

Business [at] the speed of thought / Gates, bill.

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Carlotta : a tragedy in five acts / Roskoten, Robert, 1816-1897. -- Peoria, Ill. J.W. Franks,

China's river route / Nagele, Rolf; Specht, Gerhard. / Bosch Signalbau Huber. -- Baltimore MD: AMACOM, 1998.

Computers in Libraries -- Medford, N.J. Information Today,

Corporate library update Cahners,

Crew-Noble Information Services Home Page

Crew-Noble Information Services Home Page

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Database : the magazine of electronic research and resources -- Wilton, Ct. Online, Inc.

Dept. of State Dispatch magazine [computer file] / United States. Dept. of State; United States. Government Printing Office . -- Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office,

Directory of art and architecture web sites / Bernstein, Jay ( St. John's Univ.

Don't know much about history / Davis, Kenneth.

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EContent : the magazine of electronic research and resources (formerly Database) Online, Inc.

The Elements of friendly software design / Heckel, Paul. -- San Francisco: Sybex, [1990?]

Etiology of dementia of Alzheimer's type : report of the Dahlem Workshop on Etiology of Dementia of Alzheimer's Type, Berlin, 1998, December 6-11 / Henderson, Scott; Henderson, J. H.; Bowen, D. M. -- Chichester ; New York: Wiley, 1999.

Exploiting chaos : cashing in on the realities of software development / Olson, Dave. -- New York NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold,

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Feasibility of applying the Global Positioning System to locate motor vehicle crashes / Miller, John; Karr, Duane. / Virginia Transportation Research Council. -- Charlottesville, VA. Virginia Transportation Research Council, 1997.

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Grenada, island of spice [map] / Great Britain. Ordnance Survey. -- Southampton, England: Govt. of United Kingdom (Ordnance Survey) for the Govt. of Grenada ; St. George's, Grenada : Lands and Surveys Dept., Office of the Prime Minister. c1985.

Grenada [map] / [United States. Central Intelligence Agency] -- [Washington: Central Intelligence Agency, 1976]

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Incident management in intelligent transportation systems / Ozbay, Kaan; Kachroo, Pushkin. -- Boston MA: Artech House, 1999.

Information outlook / Special Libraries Asso.

Information quality WWW virtual library : the Internet guide to construction of quality online resources / Ciolek, T. Matthew; Goltz, Irene M. -- Canberra, Australia: 1996.

Intranet in a box: Microtest's WebZerver / Mickey, Bill. Online, Inc.

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Knowledge management; business intelligence for strategic decision makers CurtCo Freedom Group,

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Library journal / American Library Asso.

Life sciences research report -- New York NY: Wiley,

LITA newsletter -- Chicago: Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.)

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The Majors / Feinstein, John.

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Nuclear crisis management : a dangerous illusion / Lebow, Richard Ned. -- Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell University Press, 1987.

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The One-person library : a newsletter for librarians and management -- Cleveland OH: Information Bridges Int'l.

Online : the leading magazine for information professionals -- Wilton, Ct. Online, Inc.

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Pain and society : report of the Dahlem Workshop on Pain and Society, Berlin, 1997, November 26-30 / Merskey, Harold; Kosterlitz, H. W. (Hans W.) / Dahlem Konferenzen. -- Weinheim ; Deerfield Beach, Fla. Verlag Chemie, 1998.

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Qmedtrix manual

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Records, 1917-1968 / Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad.

Reflex [computer file] / Borland/Analytics, Inc.; Borland International. -- Scotts Valley, CA. Borland/Analytics, c1986.

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Searcher : the magazine for database professionals -- Medford, N.J. Information Today,

Setting up and managing special libraries : an SLA information kit -- Washington DC: Special Libraries Asso.

The Solo librarian's sourcebook / Siess, Judith A. -- Medford, N.J. Information Today, 1997.

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Traffic technology review. Annual review -- Dallas TX: Haworth Press, Inc.

Tunnel vision : technology originally used to light up landmark buildings is now being adapted for use in road tunnels / Harlow, Grant. / TIR Systems. -- Baltimore MD: AMACOM, 1998.

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A walk in the woods / Bryson, Bill.

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