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Inmagic Feature List by Product and Version

DB/TextWorks Features
(Technical Requirements)  (DB/TextWorks Support Matrix)  (DB/TextWorks Description)

Version 16

      Sorting – When specifying sort fields, you now have the option to sort empties last. Before, records where the sort field was empty could only be listed first or omitted. Since this option does not change the perceived number of records in the report, it is also available for the textbase Default Sort Order and for WebPublisher reports.

      Adding/Editing Records - When editing a Link field, a new type of box permits you to browse the values in a field other than the Link field, making it easier to select the record you want to link to. For example, you can display the list of Borrower Names, and clicking a name will paste that user’s employee ID into the Link field box.

      Select All – This keyboard shortcut now behaves as it does in nearly every other product. You can use it to select all the text in a box, all the boxes on a form or screen, all the text in the Command Query window, or all the annotations on an image. In previous releases, Ctrl+A was used for Redo. Redo now uses Ctrl+Y.

      Edit Textbase Structure – The Edit Fields dialog box has two new features:
Sort Field List by – This feature permits you to sort the Field List by Field Name, or by Field Type.
Hide Fields – This option permits you to hide the items so they do not clutter up the display.
Note: Both are display-only features to make it easier to find and work with the fields you want to modify. Neither affects the actual field order specified in the structure.

Version 15.5

      Rich Text fields – When editing an empty Rich Text field, the Rich Text Editor now defaults to the Text Font specified in the Tools>Options>Display settings. This font is also used when you use Edit Textbase Structure to change the Field Type to Rich Text.

      MSXML 4.0 All calls to MSXML 4.0 have been changed to call MSXML 6.0 or later.

      E-mail Options – The E-mail tab of the Tools>Options dialog box will now retain any specified Mail server IP address.

      Install Kit – Removed the check for Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

      Export - When exporting a subset of fields, addressed an issue selecting fields from a linked textbase.

      Rich Text fields - The Font list on the Rich Text Editor dialog box now has a scrollbar.

      Form Designer - Addressed a couple of specific issues with Compulsory Sorts.

      Manage Textbase Elements - Addressed an issue importing forms that included lengthly Form Scripts.

      Print Images - Printing multiple images now works.

      Search - Proximity and phrase searches that include accented characters in the search criteria now work when accents are ignored.

Version 15.0

      New Field Types: Rich Text and Call Number

      SMTP E-mail Enhancements

      Several limits have been increased

      Additional field types support Substitution Lists

      Improved IFilter text extraction for PDF files

      Options>Text Encoding

      HTML and XML output created using UTF-8 encoding

      Deleted Records Log file

      Web Features: Open link in new window, Validation List Editor, use Alternative Search Syntax, Use Cascading Style Sheets to preserve formatting

      The following features are no longer available:

      WebPublisher Multiple Textbase Query

      Scan Image

      Textbase-Specific Help

      Email -- MAPI Support

      "The last textbase you opened ... " message

Version 14.5

      The toolbar button icons used throughout the UI have been replaced with new, modern-looking images.

      Windows Server 2012 R2

      Export file dialog CSV option

Version 14.0

      Profiles for importing and exporting records and sending email reports

      Correcting a validation list term can now update affected records

      Windows 8

      Improved support for viewing PDF files

      Updated spell-check engine

Version 13.0

      Query logging

      Export secondary textbase fields

      E-mail authentication

      Run-time version updated

      New help format

      Larger recent-textbase list

      Taller field list when designing a textbase

       PowerPack Lite installation separate

       DB/TextWorks no longer supports the MS Windows 2000 operating system.

Version 12.0

       Batch modify multiple fields

       Batch modify field-to-field

      Update records to match validation list changes

      Import matching multiple records

      Thesaurus expansion when searching

       E-mail reports in HTML

       E-mail reports grouped by recipient

       Support for the newer versions of PDF formats from Adobe® Acrobat®

Version 11.0

       Vista compatibilty

       File Checker (Similar to URL checker, but for UNC referenced files.)

       Limited Undo in form designer

       HTML report preview

       Ability to select form for Edit Secondary Record window

Version 10.0

       Ability to see paths of the EXE and INI files without opening a textbase (Help>About this Computer System) 

       Support for putting a PDF file name into an image field when extracting text on document import

       List of public elements provided to textbase information listing 

        Inmagic program files are digital signed for increased security

•     Toolbar button for Browse files

Version 9.0

•       Support for PDF files 

•        Support for GIF images

•        Add links to documents and images by browsing and selecting a file name (similar to Windows Explorer)

•       Installation has been simplified by providing the ability to run Setup Workstation using SMS

•       Batch Modify is now more powerful

       Special characters such as line breaks and entry delimiter

       Add text to the beginning or end of an entry

  Version 8.0

•       Dead URL Link Checker

•        Long file names are now used and recognized

•       Recover Textbase command no longer truncates the name of the new, recovered textbase

•       Bar Code Generation application now available

  Version 7.0

•       Import text of documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) using iFilter technology

•        Mouse scroll wheel support

•        Support for additional image formats, e.g., "progressive" JPEG files

The following features work with WebPublisher PRO:

•       In form designer easily create edit record form, new record form, delete record form.

•       Can now specify alternate link text for URLs, EMail links, and Image links .

•       In search screen and report form designers retain more formatting (font face, box/label positions, etc.), background color, and tab order.

•       If a field has a validation list, Web edit forms automatically turn the box label into a hypertext link. When you click on the link, a Choices Browser window appears, which you can use to paste terms from the validation list into the edit box.

•       Specify default values for fields in new records created using Web edit forms.

•       More control over the appearance and position of the password box

  Version 6.1

•       Store custom colors

•        Large toolbar buttons 

•        Disable "Textbase is empty" message

•       Sort field list alphabetically

•       Easily create new record form for WebPublisher PRO

•        Analyze textbase

Version 6.0

       Thesaurus as a validation list

       Bar code generator

  Version 5.2

       Record-Level Security

      Check to see who has textbase open

       XML Import/Export

       Enhanced textbase logging

  Version 5.1         Support for URL cataloging Web pages through Inmagic.NET
  Version 5.0

        Relevance ranking

        Send attachments with emails

       Use scripting to supply answers to email prompts

  Version 4.2

       "Buy" button to purchase books online

        “Script Input” boxes on a form

       Ability to skip labels when printing

  Version 4.1


        Live hyperlinks in reports

       Improved scripting capabilities

       SMTP support for “Send Report as Mail”

  Version 4.0

        Ability to mail a report from within DB/TextWorks

        Pictures/logos in menu and query screens and display report and edit windows

         Images in reports

       Improved form designer

       Ability to add script buttons and functions for forms and query and menu screens

       Cascading search menus (a search menu can open another search menu)

Version 3.0

        Spell check

        More exact searching options

        Copy/Rename & Delete Textbase menu choices

        Window size and position retained for all windows

        Automatic window synchronization

        Last-used Import/Export and Batch Modify options are retained


WebPublisher PRO Features
(Technical Requirements)  (WebPublisher PRO Support Matrix)   (WebPublisher PRO Description)


       Images – WebPublisher reports can now easily link from a small image on a web page (a thumbnail) to the full size image. The new option is on the HTML tab of the Picture Box Properties dialog box.

      •Browse Choices – The buttons have been optimized; for example, we’ve added an "Add & Close" button so that users no longer need to click "Add" then "Close".


       DBTWPUB.INI -- The SOAPFormat=0 option is no longer supported, and will be ignored. All WebPublisher output will use SOAP format (spaces replaced with underbars, etc.).

      MSXML 4.0 -- All calls to MSXML 4.0 have been changed to call MSXML 6.0 or later.

      Exported HTML Edit forms -- Addressed an issue where duplicate new records were created in Internet Explorer only. Each form will need to be re-exported for the fix to take effect.

      Search -- Less than (<) searches now work with Alternative Search Syntax enabled.

      Search -- Proximity and phrase searches that include accented characters in the search criteria now work when accents are ignored.

      Search -- Addressed an issue with IIS Application Pool failures when phrase or proximity searches encountered a record that included accented characters.


       See DB/TextWorks v.15 new and removed features above.

Those upgrading from a previous version should also note the following:

      Before you can use any textbase with WebPublisher PRO v.15.0 you must upgrade the textbase using DB/TextWorks version 15.0. You will be prompted to upgrade the textbase when you open it with DB/TextWorks.

      A change must be made to the WEB.CONFIG file for InmagicBrowse.

      WebPublisher Edit Screens now use WPP_Edit.aspx instead of a .ASP page (iwpp-edit.asp or icsw-edit.asp). You will need to re-export any HTML edit screens. And if you have made any customizations to the old .ASP pages (rare), you'll need to transfer those customizations to the new.ASP page.

      Please see the installation notes for more information.


       Windows Servier 2012 R2


       Query log recycling

       Improved support for Internet Explorer v10

       Validation list editing on the Web

       InmagicBrowse auto-update fix

        Option to resotre the InmagicBrowse Find button


       In addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8, it is now possible to edit records in these non-IE browsers over the Web: Mozilla FireFox 3.6.x, Safari 5 and later, and Google Chrome 10 and later.

       InmagicBrowse includes a new find-as-you-type feature.

       InmagicBrowse hides controls that offer no opportunity to take action.


       Synonym searching

       Stop words ignored in Alternate Search Syntax

       Improved Support for Internet Explorer 7.0

       Compatibility with additional Microsoft operating systems


       Windows Server 2008

       XHTML Compliance

       Query logging for usage analysis.

       Next/Previous highlight navigation within a display of a record


       Alternate search syntax

For example:   Computer Software will find records with Computer and Software (both must be there) anywhere in the field.   Computer OR Software will find records with Computer or Software (either  or both may be there) anywhere in the field.  
Computer -Software will find records with Computer but not with Software anywhere in the field.

       List of public elements provided to textbase information listing

       Inmagic program files are digital signed for increased security

       InmagicBrowse enhancements

       Support for multiple folders for images on the Web

       Ability to provide RSS publishing

  Version 9.0


       Browsing long validation lists is now much faster 

       Browse and select the contents of a linked field (in a secondary textbase) while editing on web

       Exploded sorts in reports (each repeating field treated uniquely)

       Modify a group of records from the Web

  Version 8.0


       Index Browsing on the Web that will work with Netscape and other browsers.

       Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 can now be used to create an interface for WebPublisher PRO databases.  

       Search results now can report how many records meet the search criteria without returning the actual records. 

       "Include" files can be inserted into one or more seams of the page.

  Version 7.0

* PRO version only

       See improved design capability in DB/TextWorks version 7.0 section.

       Easily edit, duplicate, and delete existing records via the Web. *

       Expanding edit boxes simplify data entry. *

       Display the validation lists for fields that have them and use them to populate the data entry form. *

       New navigation buttons: Back, Rewind, Close, OK.

       Password retained - Any textbase password you type in a Password box on a query/edit page is now retained for the duration of your browser session.

       Add a New Record link to HTML query screens. *

       Use record templates using default information in New Record web forms. *

       Query criteria remain when the user returns to the search screen.

  Version 6.1

       Performance improvement in displaying record information

       Submit queries to WebPublisher using XML

       INI files may now reside in the installation directory

       New Search button on reports and display forms.

WebPublisher PRO

       WebPublisher PRO is an improved version of WebPublisher and includes the ability to maintain information found in databases on intranets and the Internet using web forms.  For more details click here.)

  Version 6.0

       XML Output

       Easier Command Queries

  Version 5.1

       Support for assistive technology  

  Version 5.0

       Relevance ranking  

  Version 4.2

       Ability to search multiple textbases from one query screen
Version 4.1

       Improved report appearance matches DB/TextWorks desktop reports

         Button and message Customization

         Multi-lingual interface capabilities

Version 4.0

       Free release for compatibility with DB/TextWorks version 4.0
Version 3.0

       Ability to use email and URL links

       Support for  secured web pages (HTTPS)

        Ability to search for textbase

       Uses Virtual Directory Tree instead of installing in the web root

       Ability to specify position of Next/Previous buttons and form list

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