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Web Database Hosting Services
From Crew-Noble Information Services

Crew-Noble Information Services offers web database hosting services for organizations that wish to make the information in their Inmagic DB/TextWorks databases searchable through the Internet (www). We will put your databases in your own space with your own url (such as www.yourname.org) on our server, or put your databases in your own folder on our url (such as www.crewnoble.com/yourname). You only need to add a link from your web site to your search screen on our server. 

We will install your copy of Inmagic DB/Text WebPublisher PRO in your space on our server and provide any necessary support. If you don't have a copy of the WebPublisher PRO, you will need to purchase it. Please call (925 837-1399) or email Crew-Noble for pricing for WebPublisher PRO and/or for our hosting service. 

Once we are hosting your database, you can use ftp software to update your database or you may send the updates to us to upload.

The following are some of the organizations who have textbases hosted by Crew-Noble.

California State Railroad Museum

Each of the eight online catalogs (Archives & Manuscripts, Employee Timetables, Library Catalog, Lima Locomotive Works Drawing Indexes, Pullman Company Negatives, Railroad Accident Reports, Raildroad Menus, and Technical Drawings) has three different search screens. Select a search screen based on your familiarity with the CSRM Library online catalogs and database searching techniques.

Basic Search Screen
This search screen provides essential search prompts. Each prompt corresponds to a specific field in the catalog record. A single word, phrase or term (controlled vocabulary) can be typed at each prompt. Some search prompts search more than one field.

Basic Search Screen with Examples
Use this screen if you are new to searching the CSRM Library online catalogs. This search screen provides the same search prompts as the Basic Search Screen as well as suggestions for maximizing the number of records retrieved.

Expanded Search Screen
This search screen contains additional search prompts. Click on the Word Wheel button to see the terms (controlled vocabulary) used in selected fields. Use these terms to configure queries in any of the search screens.

Widener University Archives

The Archives Catalog contains descriptions of the contents of over 1350 archival boxes, all of which contain information related to Widenerís history. In addition, it contains an index to approximately 750 issues of Pennsylvania Military College/Widener campus newspapers (The P.M.C. News and The Dome). Some records contain images.

Note: When searching, capitalization is irrelevant.   

For more information about our web hosting services: Contact us.

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