Inmagic® DB/TextWorks® Version 16.0 README

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About Inmagic® DB/TextWorks®

DB/TextWorks is a content management system—a type of database software that enables you to build networked and standalone textbases to manage text, numbers, dates, and electronic images. DB/TextWorks combines traditional database power, including the ability to manipulate data and perform arithmetic calculations, with the ability to handle large amounts of text. When you want to publish your textbase(s) over the Web, you can use either DB/Text WebPublisher PRO or Presto for DB/Text.

Important Notes

Important! This section applies to clients upgrading from version 14.5 or earlier. Please read the entire section carefully.

Textbases created or upgraded using version 15.0 or later are not compatible with any Inmagic product prior to version 15.0. You will need to upgrade DB/Text WebPublisher, DB/Text PowerPack, DB/SearchWorks Run-time, and so on to version 15.0 or later before you will be able to use them with a version 16.0 textbase. When you open an existing version 14.5 (or earlier) textbase with DB/TextWorks version 16.0, you will be prompted to upgrade the textbase. If you upgrade the textbase, you will not be able to access the textbase with any Inmagic product prior to version 15.0.

For example: If you use Inmagic Genie, you will need to open each Genie textbase (GenieKey, Catalog, etc.) in DB/TextWorks to upgrade it to 16.0. If your textbase includes any Link fields, you will need to open the secondary/associated textbases directly (File>Open) to upgrade them to 16.0. If your textbase uses the Thesaurus feature, you will need to open the thesaurus textbase directly (File>Open) to upgrade it to 16.0. And so on.

Form Scripts that use the "formatting signal" discussed in the "Box Object" topic in the Help must be updated. The length has changed from 13 characters to 23 characters. Any Form Scripts that use the script snippet in that topic will need to be modified to use the new length.

What's New in this Version?

Each enhancement is discussed briefly here. The Inmagic issue number follows each item listed.

Removed Features

The following features are no longer available in DB/TextWorks as of version 15.0.

Addressed Issues

The following issues are addressed by this version. The applicable Inmagic Software Problem Report (SPR) number is enclosed in [square brackets].

Known Issue

Additional Documentation and Help Resources

Below is a list of the documentation and help resources for DB/TextWorks. All of these documents and resources are available on the Inmagic Customer Extranet. Some may be installed with the software as well.