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     INMAGIC Web Publishing Examples

We invite you to try some web sites that use DB/Text WebPublisher. (Each link will take you to that web site in a new browser window.)

The following features can be found in the examples below. In some cases we've included some sample search suggestions.

(Please note: when searching, capitalization is irrelevant.) 

Database with over 100,000 records.

Choices Browser and Drop-down List assist searchers by allowing them to browse field indexes. The Choices Browser is designed for boxes containing one or more fields. It uses Index Streaming technology, allowing users to start browsing while the full index loads. It can be activated via buttons on the search screen, and button text can be specified by the designer (e.g. “Browse Index,”  “Browse” … .)  It is a Web application and it does not require Java, but it does require DB/Text WebPublisher PRO v. 8 or higher and .NET. The Drop-down list is intended for a box that contains only one term-indexed field, typically with a short list of items, e.g. Language = English or Spanish or Mandarin. Use a Drop-down list to narrow your search. The Choices Browser is dynamic—it searches the live indexes; change the data in the record and the data in the list changes. A Drop-down list is static. Changes to the list must be made to the search file using an HTML editor.

LinkSearch allows the searcher to click on a subject-link and have the program automatically search the textbase using the search strategy embedded in the subject-link.

CheckBoxes allows the searcher to narrow the search.  Using a checkbox report, check items wanted. Click the Narrow Selection button, which re-executes the search, keeping only the selected items.

Images attached to database records are viewable in some examples by clicking on a hyperlink associated with the record.  

PDF allows a searcher to link to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file from a record. You must install a viewer from Adobe.  To download a free viewer go to Acrobat Reader.

Radio buttons to select reports. Allows you to pre-select the report that will show after a search.  This technique also allows the database designer to design various reports for different groups, and control which reports each group can have access to.

Radio buttons to select number of records to display.  For example, display 10 in a group, or 25, or unlimited.  If your search should find thousands of records, formatting the report will take a long time.  Limiting your search results speeds up the display of records.

Radio buttons to select And Or or Not operators  DB/TextWorks normally generates a DropList for the And Or or Not operators. This is another option.

Cart. From multiple searches, check items in a report that will go into cart for later processing.

Below are two sample textbases on the Crew-Noble Information Services web site demonstrating a variety of features. The other examples are live textbases in use by Inmagic customers.

1) Example of library catalog

Choices Browser  Drop-down List  LinkSearch  PDF  Images  Radio buttons to select reports  Radio buttons to select number of records to display  Checkboxes to narrow selection  Radio buttons to select And Or or Not operators

To see LinkSearches, type "software" in the Subject field and click the Submit button. For Title = "WebPublisher Overview" click on the More link. On the Subjects line, click on "Software Manual."  This will re-execute the search and find only those records where Subject = Software Manual.

Search Hints Pop Up

Two drop-down lists for selecting the beginning and ending publication dates

Checkboxes on search screen to allow selection of multiple record types.

Expand search by clicking on a subject term.

Sample search results -- checkboxes in a report to allow selection of items to email

Sample search results -- column heading link sorts results.

2) The Model Car Company, Inc.

Choices Browser   Drop-down List  Images  LinkSearch 

Search for your favorite car and view an image of it.  To see LinkSearches, view the record using the Full Information report, then click on one of the Special Features.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Motion Picture Scripts Database provides a searchable interface to the film script holdings of six Los Angeles-area collections: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Film Institute, the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, and the Writers Guild Foundation. This database is limited almost exclusively to the screenplays of produced films; that is, films which were actually made. The only exception is the inclusion of a few published scripts of unproduced films. There are over 20,000 items in this collection.


California State Railroad Museum Foundation Railroad Menus

This catalog contains information about the Library’s holdings of railroad dining car and other railroad-related meal service menus. There are over 1500 images. A sample group of records is retrieved by clicking on the following link.

Sample group of records to show images of the Canadian Pacific Menus collection

Hosted by Crew-Noble Information Services


Los Angeles Public Library Menu Collection

This is a database with images of over 8,000 menus which are stored in the Rare Book Room of the Central Library.

Try searching the Restaurant field for "Beach Bum."  A brief description is displayed with an image of the menu cover. From the Beach Bum Burt's hyperlink, you will be able to see more detail, including additional images. (After viewing an image, use the Back arrow to return to the list of images).

Choices Browser  Images  Cart

Glenbow Archives

The Archives Photographs Catalogue contains 82,000 historical photographs, illustrations, cartoons and posters documenting the people, landscape and development of the Canadian West from the 1870s to the 1970s.

Sample group of records from the Glenbow Archives

Choices Browser 

Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project database

The King Papers Project is a major research effort to assemble and disseminate historical information concerning Martin Luther King, Jr. and the social movements in which he participated. The King Papers Project's principal mission is to publish a definitive fourteen-volume edition of King's most significant correspondence, sermons, speeches, published writings, and unpublished manuscripts. It is a cooperative venture of Stanford University, the King Center, and the King Estate.


Nantucket Historical Association


Nearly all of the libraryís 7,000 volumes, which include rare books, have been cataloged and are available for searching. The books database also includes reports, research papers, and a partial listing of articles from Historic Nantucket


The manuscripts database also includes pamphlets, brochures, articles, whaling logbooks, journals, account books and maps.

100,000 + records  

Pacific Northwest Regional Newspaper and Periodical Index

The Regional Index contains citations from hundreds of newspapers and periodicals as well as monographs, theses, dissertations, scrapbooks, pamphlets and other ephemera dealing with all aspects of life in Seattle, Washington state and the Pacific Northwest from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. The Regional Index began as a card file in 1936. A retrospective conversion project was initiated in 2000 to make the index accessible online. At the present time, more than 112,000 citations are searchable and hundreds of citations are being added each week.


Widener University Archives

The Archives Catalog contains descriptions of the contents of over 1350 archival boxes, all of which contain information related to Widenerís history. In addition, it contains an index to approximately 750 issues of Pennsylvania Military College/Widener campus newspapers (The P.M.C. News and the Dome).

Click here for a sample group of citations

Archives Search Page  

Try searching the Keyword field for "dorm."

Hosted by Crew-Noble Information Services


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