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Inmagic® Software

Crew-Noble Information Services sells and supports the Inmagic line of products. We believe Inmagic provides a great way to organize, publish, maintain, and access information -- from databases with lots of text to images to multimedia to digital resources.

Inmagic’s workgroup tools and publishing capabilities are now integrated with its successful library automation system, Inmagic® Genie, to deliver a Web-based integrated library system (ILS) combined with flexible information management tools: DB/Text Library Suite. It is composed of:

  • DB/TextWorks® for Windows -- a database and text retrieval system enabling users to build networked and standalone textbases to manage diverse types of information including documents, images, and multimedia.

  • DB/Text® Web Publisher Pro – an interactive Web publishing and access system enabling users to deploy, publish and maintain textbases on the Web quickly and easily.

  • ILS Genie technology -- designed to meet the changing needs of information centers that must manage access to both traditional and nontraditional library materials.

DB/TextWorks and Web Publisher PRO are also sold separately.
See technical requirements.
See features of various versions of DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO.

Presto is Inmagic's social knowledge management platform. It brings knowledge management and social technologies together in a secure, Web-based environment.

Presto for DB/TextWorks is a limited version of Presto that enables many new Web-publishing capabilities for DB/TextWorks customers, while allowing them to continue to maintain their textbases in DB/TextWorks.

GeniePlus is a Web-based Integrated Library System (ILS) for single libraries and multi-site libraries needing a single catalog covering multiple collections. Inmagic GeniePlus is designed to help information centers with evolving needs to manage and provide access to both traditional and nontraditional library materials. Inmagic GeniePlus combines the flexibility and usability of Inmagic Genie with the powerful features of the LucideaCore KM technology platform.

Although Crew-Noble does not sell or support Presto, Presto for DB/Textworks, or GeniePlus at this time we would be happy to introduce you to any of them.

In addition, Crew-Noble Information Services offers products and services to support your Inmagic applications.

Inmagic also offers Online support and Maintenance.

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