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 *  Wild Card "comp*" finds records beginning with "comp," such as computer, computers, computation, complicated.
  Phrase "computer history" finds records with "computer" and "history" side-by-side with "computer" preceding "history."
& Boolean AND "computer & history" finds records with both "computer" and "history" with "computer" and "history" occurring anywhere in the field being searched.
  / Boolean OR   "computer / history" finds records with either "computer" or "history."
 =  Terms "=computer history" finds records with "computer history," but not as part of a longer term, such as "computer history research."
  Dates "1999" finds all dates for the year 1999.
"May 1999" finds all dates for the month of May 1999.
 :  Date Range "2000:2002" finds all records for the years 2000, 2001, 2002.
 !  Boolean NOT "computer ! history" finds records with "computer" but not "history."