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As part of our goal to hold accountable those who profit from harmful conditions, the Marin Institute acts as a watchdog of alcohol marketing practices. What distinguishes our approach to the prevention of alcohol-related problems is that instead of focusing on individual risk factors, we concentrate on the environments that support and glamorize alcohol use. The alcohol beverage industry, which spends one billion dollars annually to advertise its products and lobbies heavily for favorable public policy, is a large component of our social and political environment.

This database contains citations and brief abstracts for over thirteen thousand articles and news stories about the alcohol beverage industry, alcohol policy, and prevention efforts. The time period covered is 1991 to the present; the Web version is updated monthly. Sources include major newspaper and business journals, as well as journals from the fields of prevention, advertising, and the beverage industry. The database is indexed using subject headings from the Marin Institute Thesaurus.

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