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What's New?

DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO Version 16 Released

Version 16 of DB/TextWorks (non-SQL and SQL) and WebPublisher PRO became available for general release around July 17, 2017. Customers with maintenance contracts as of that date should have received emails from Inmagic with download instructions. The new and enhanced features are listed below.

  • Sorting - When specifying sort fields, you now have the option to sort empties last. Before, records where the sort field was empty could only be listed first or omitted. Since this option does not change the perceived number of records in the report, it is also available for the textbase Default Sort Order and for WebPublisher reports.
  • Form Designer - WebPublisher reports can now easily link from a small image on a web page (a thumbnail) to the full size image. The new option is on the HTML tab of the Picture Box Properties dialog box.
  • Adding/Editing Records - When editing a Link field, a new type of box permits you to browse the values in a field other than the Link field, making it easier to select the record you want to link to. For example, you can display the list of Borrower Names, and clicking a name will paste that user’s employee ID into the Link field box.
  • Select All - This keyboard shortcut now behaves as it does in nearly every other product. You can use it to select all the text in a box, all the boxes on a form or screen, all the text in the Command Query window, or all the annotations on an image. In previous releases, Ctrl+A was used for Redo. Redo now uses Ctrl+Y.
  • Edit Textbase Structure - The Edit Fields dialog box has two new features:
    Sort Field List by – This feature permits you to sort the Field List by Field Name, or by Field Type.
    Hide Fields – This option permits you to hide the items so they do not clutter up the display.
    Note: Both are display-only features to make it easier to find and work with the fields you want to modify. Neither affects the actual field order specified in the structure.
  • Web Features:
  • Images - WebPublisher reports can now easily link from a small image on a web page (a thumbnail) to the full size image. The new option is on the HTML tab of the Picture Box Properties dialog box.
  • Browse Choices - The buttons have been optimized; for example, we’ve added an "Add & Close" button so that users no longer need to click "Add" then "Close".

Presto for DB/TextWorks

Inmagic has introduced a new product that brings advanced Web-publishing capabilities to DB/TextWorks customers. The new product, “Presto for DB/TextWorks,” is a limited version of Inmagic Presto, that enables many new Web-publishing capabilities for DB/Text, while allowing textbases to continue to be created and maintained in DB/TextWorks."Presto for DB/Text works with both SQL and non-SQL versions of DB/TextWorks.

Presto for DB/Text has been designed for customers that require advanced Web-publishing capabilities without the need for custom programming, which is often necessary when using WebPublisher PRO. Presto for DB/Text does not replace WebPublisher PRO, however; WebPublisher PRO will continue to be enhanced and supported. Presto for DB/Text just gives DB/Text customers an additional option for publishing information to the Internet or their intranet.

See the data sheet for more information about Presto for DB/TextWorks.

Have you heard about GeniePlus?

Inmagic GeniePlus is a Web-based Integrated Library System (ILS) for single libraries and multi-site libraries needing a single catalog covering multiple collections. Inmagic GeniePlus is designed to help information centers with evolving needs to manage and provide access to both traditional and nontraditional library materials. Inmagic GeniePlus combines the flexibility and usability of Inmagic Genie with the powerful features of the LucideaCore KM technology platform.

Click here to see the GeniePlus data sheet.

Announcing Presto Release 4.7

... with even more user-requested enhancements, including:

  • Relationship Cloud for information discovery—visualize connections between related content, increasing search effectiveness and serendipity
  • Create new content types from the field names specified in a CSV file
  • File uploading improvements with a new uploader widget that allows users to easily upload files to a specified Presto folder
  • Apply watermark to thumbnail --apply any specified watermark text to image thumbnails; particularly useful if you display images in slide shows
  • Support for MS SQL Server 2016
  • SAML improvements including SP-Initiated SAML and a new “Configure SAML SSO” wizard accessible from Administrator Tools

Please log in to the Presto Knowledgebase and download the Presto v4.7 Readme file for more details on these and other enhancements in this release. If you are a Presto customer and you do not have a Knowledgebase account, please click the Request Account link on the Login page at http://pkb.inmagic.com.

Click here to see the Presto data sheet.

WebPublisher PRO Info-Cart Customization

Crew-Noble is now offering to customize your WebPublisher PRO to include Info-Cart capability. This allows a person who searches a textbase to save items of interest from more than one search. He/she may request/print all of the items selected at one time.

This functionality is demonstrated from these links:

This first link is a search screen where you select the search criteria.


This second link (also found on the above page) has the search criteria embedded.

Table with check boxes to add items to an InfoCart over multiple searches, then send email request.

Contact Crew-Noble for more information.

What's Noteworthy

See Pop-up Help Window by putting cursor over Search Hints here and/or on the Home page.

WebPublisher Example of textbase with over 100,000 records:
Pacific Northwest Regional Newspaper and Periodical Index

Crew-Noble Training Schedule for January - March 2018

DB/TextWorks Version 16 Features

WebPublisher PRO Version 16 Features

Demonstration Search Screen #1 

  • Two drop-down lists for selecting the beginning and ending publication dates.
  • Checkboxes to allow selection of multiple record types.
  • Web table report that has alternate row colors.
  • New non-Javascript browse links (no need to have the correct Javascript installed in your browser).

Demonstration Search Screen #2 

  • Pop-up help window when cursor over "Search Hints" link.
  • Radio button to select a report.
  • Radio button to select number of records to display.
  • Table with check boxes to narrow selection.
  • Table with check boxes to narrow selection, then send email request of selected items.
  • Web table report that has alternate row colors.
  • New non-Javascript browse buttons (no need to have the correct Javascript installed in your browser).

Want to let your WebPublisherPRO users search with "Google-like" commands? Use Alternate Search Syntax!
See an explanation

Demonstration Menu

Using any of the methods shown below, when selected, will automatically take you to the linked page.

  • Radio button.
  • Text with hyperlink
  • Checkbox.
  • Drop-down list.

Crew-Noble Online Knowledgebase

Web-Based Training

Web-Based Demonstrations

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Web-Based Demonstrations

We are now able to provide a demonstration of DB/TextWorks for Windows from our computer to your web browser in real time as we talk with you on the phone. You will see what we see on our computer as we're doing it.  You may ask questions and we can demonstrate as we are answering.  It's easy to implement. From your computer simply point your Web browser to a special Web address.  Please call (925) 837-1399 or send us an email  for additional information.

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